“We shall make clothing that feels good.” This is the philosophy of 45R.
During the pursuit of that philosophy in the past many years, our T-shirt has also been advanced along the way.

Although we make T-shirts after vintage, we always make our own that goes along with the times. 

The material is Zimbabwe cotton, leading cotton of all 45R’s cotton. 
Cotton that grew under strong African sun is firm, resilient and very powerful. The dry texture of Zimbabwe cotton fabric is the best of all. Since cotton is hand picked to eliminate any stress on cotton flowers, each staple is long and strong. 

What comes next in the process is making cotton yarns. We spin uneven yarns with a special machine.It means the thickness of each strand is random. Random yarns make uneven surface when knitted into fabric. Such fabric does not stick to the skin and it does feel great. The texture won’t get ruined after washes.

We knit Tenjiku fabric using that yarn. Knitting it tightly creates more texture that allow you to feel the bumps even more explicitly. The knitting pattern looks like the continued line of smily eyes, which we love. 

We sew the fabric thinking of you who would wear this. We use our original cotton threat that blends well with the fabric. Lockstitch sewing machine that sews fabrics together has been made many improvements to eliminate the seam allowance as much as possible, All these efforts are made to make comfortable clothing. 

We even eliminated the care labels that are often stitched inside. Instead, we printed the care instruction on the back of fabric. This makes everything perfect. How it feels is the utmost priority.
The letter font is cute and looks as if it is dancing.Each letter is hand-drawn and printed on the fabric. It’s our passion for ultimate hand-craft.

Our T-shirts, no matter how many times you wash and wear, are always fresh like fresh fruits right out of laundry.
The color may fade after many washes. The collars may fray. But, T-shirt will never be worn out.

It will become like a part of your body and will last for more than 10 years. It will age well with you. 

We shall continue making T-shirts sincerely to express appreciation to our customers.