908 T-shirt

It is nice to meet you, 
my name is “908:kyu-maru-hachi”. 
I became a new member this year as the unisex collection.
In summer of this year, I will be at the store with the fully printed pattern.
It is so cute in fitted size as well as the baggy one. Please choose it depending on your favorite size. I am the new standard. 

Biaude Indigo

my name is Biaude Indigo.
I was born this spring as the 30th indigo of 45R.

I was named ‘Biaude Indigo’; this color was inspired by smocks called ‘Biaude’ that hardworking people had worn in old times France.
If my color is expressed in a word, that would be the dulness-free pure blue.

It is good to meet you.

Saijikii T-shirt Joshi

They are winter aconites, clover, soft windflower, tulips, dandelion, buds of willow, and pansy. Spring flowers come into bloom.

Joshi Saijikii t-shirt which is after five season-related celebrations: is the Khadi silk satin blouse and the flowery embroidered earrings. This earring is transformed into the broach by a different way of wearing.

While arrival of spring is celebrated, let’s pray the state of perfect health.


It dries quickly.
It retains heat.
It is not only strong but also flexible,
and the more it is worn, the more it fits.
Majotae is an ancient textile consisting of raw old-style hemp. Majotae duck produced by 45R has an indigo color with texture like antique cloth.
This is available in the vest, the no sleeve top, the dress, the pants, the drawstring bag, and the apron.
Please find the one that is right for you. 

Marine Printed Supergauze

Rope, Emblem, And anchor. 
They are the ocean motifs 1, 2, and 3.
On the open sea of indigo supergauze, they float together.

They comes in 3 styles of t-shirt, skirt, And sailor dress, and they are also available in dot pattern. 

Happy 14 Tweed Poncho

This is called “Happy 14 Tweed.” 
As the name suggests, it is a happy tweed woven in 14 colors. 

There are precious few looms left in Japan that can make this type of fabric. It is woven with many colors of weft thread which is unusual. The color variations fit the coming season well in 2 colors: Christmas and Reindeer. 

The Oiled Cotton Jacket

Masculine to the eye. These garments inherited the characteristics of the oiled cotton jacket that protected seafarers from stormy weather. Originally, it was a tough cloth made from canvas, breathability, waterproofness, heat retention and functionality are all superior, so it is not a mystery. We produced it unisex size so it could also be worn by women as well. Materials and sewing are proudly crafted in Scotland. It is likely to appear in short stories of Alistair Macleod. 

Opera Pumps

The opera pumps, used 45R original fabric. We made these shoes, with STUBBS & WOOTTON from Palm-beach. 

Blue Denim

Hello, my name is Blue Denim! I am a new member of 45R’s denim collection. My rich blue color was inspired by the color of work wear that was worn by people that came long before us. These garments were finished in indigo and told a story of the person who wore them.

This expressive crease in this denim is processed by balling up the denim and tying it together, like tie dye. This shape to us looked like a cute wrapped candy, so it was named ‘Candy Processing’ – though I was a bit embarrassed. Two styles were produced in a pair of painter pants and a skirt. I will be happy to be a new member of your fall outfit.