Indigo Knit Jacquard 908 Umahiko Sweater


Product Number: 8128066

We highly recommend this cotton jacquard for those who like wool but can’t take how it feels on skin and/or don’t like the maintenance of it. The secret to achieve this wool look on cotton is the spinning machine; we use the slow spinning machine for wool to make the fluffy wool like cotton yarn. The fabric made of this yarn is tweedy yet no itchiness there. We did our best to achieve wool looking cotton in this piece with all our skills, hearts and souls. Made in Japan 100% Cotton (can be hand washed) Note: The color gently fades over time due to the natural characteristics unique to indigo dye. Please wash by itself or with similar dark colors.

Color Chart

73 Chridori 74 Kersey

Size Chart

Size Shoulder Chest Length Sleeve Length
2 19.70" 42.5" 26" 19.70"
4 24" 51" 28" 21"

Product Number: 8128066