Komugi Denim 908 Yacht All


The idea was to make a coverall to wear on the ocean. “Yacht All” is finally completed after many trials and errors. The design is based on a work style, this summer jacket looks great on the ocean with waves, breezes, and sun. Tricolor stitches inside are one of the many small details. “Komugi Denim” in hickory stripes and one wash denim. Made in Japan. Cotton 100% ‚Ī The color may slightly fade due to the nature of Indigo. Please wash with similar colors. -Please avoid wearing over or under white clothes. Color will stain run and stain. -Sweating or humidity may cause the color to run and stain other clothes. Please wash immediately when stained. -Please do not bleach -Please wash separately from other clothes. -Machine wash at 30c (86F) or gently hand wash.

Product Number: 8051025