Yacht Cotton White 908 Baker Short Pants


Mugi denim fabric (9.6 oz) is made for lightweight summer-wear. Komugi (7.2 oz) is even lighter and is a new addition to our summer collection! 45R names its denim fabrics after the names of grains; Kome (rice), Mugi (wheat) and Goma (sesame seed). As every grain is different in taste and texture, each of our denim fabrics are different in weight (oz). Komugi is not just lighter in weight, it also has a unique texture. This summer staple makes you want to wash and wear it everyday. New yacht white color looks great when sailing on the ocean. Baker pants originate from military work pants that are relaxed in the waist yet have a clean silhouette. These pants allow you to move with ease and are equipped with large useful pockets.

Product Number: 8046090

Country Origin: JAPAN