45th Year Tale Hokkaido Cotton Fleece Lining Stadium Sweatshirt


It was once called an award jacket at American Universities. We made that honor jacket to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the start of our brand. Hokkaido authentic Urake feels dense and firm like mouton leather. The super high tech material is hard to believe it’s made of 100% cotton. It blocks the winds and retains warmth. The dense texture like fresh Omochi is made by the old loop wheel that weaves fabric very slowly, 1 meter per an hour. R shaped emblem stitched on chest and line taping on cuffs are the details remind you of ocean. Limited to 405 pieces. A serial number is stitched on each single piece. Y shaped emblem is stitched on chest. Hibiscus embroidery is the same as the tags used for our denim 30 years ago.

Product Number: 60710036

Country Origin: JAPAN