45 Year Tale Bandana Set


Using the name tag of 25 years ago as a motif, 45R’s stories from the beginning to 45th year are written on 4.5 pieces of bandanas. The first chapter is “Brand Foundation”. The foundation of brand is like starting a voyage to the future of 45R. The second chapter is the era of “North Marine Drive” a brand born in 1986. The third chapter is “Denim and Badou-R”. Our very first original denim was born. Our flagship called Indigo House was opened in Minami Aoyama. The fourth chapter is “Overseas Expansion”. New York, Paris, Asia. We continued our efforts to be a global 45R. The fourth and a half chapter is welcoming 45th year, “Story of 45 Years on Ocean, City and Mountain”. A brand new voyage to unexplored stage will begin now from here. ***These are the tote bags made of cotton. They are printed with a denim patchwork pattern and attached with hickory denim hand-straps. With each purchase of 45 Year Tale denim jeans, you will get a complimentary large tote, and with a purchase of a special T-shirt or bandana set, you will get a small tote bag. Quantity is limited so please note this bag is gifted as a "first come, first served" basis.

Product Number: 60490016

Country Origin: JAPAN