45 Year Tale Sorahikohime (R45 Yasumi)


45R’s denim craftsman imagines the person who would wear the pair while hand crafting the denim. Our craftsmen gave their best to make the limited edition distressed denim for the 45th anniversary. Yasumi’s denim has both strength and elegance. There is one flower rivet among other silver rivets. R45 is reproduction of “R66”, the original denim of 25 years ago. It is slightly greenish, dark and deep indigo. ***These are the tote bags made of cotton. They are printed with a denim patchwork pattern and attached with hickory denim hand-straps. With each purchase of 45 Year Tale denim jeans, you will get a complimentary large tote, and with a purchase of a special T-shirt or bandana set, you will get a small tote bag. Quantity is limited so please note this bag is gifted as a "first come, first served" basis.

Product Number: 60460196

Country Origin: JAPAN