Wool Bou Knit Sew 908 Sweat


Is this cotton or wool? It’s hard to tell at a glance. The answer is cotton. We name it “Wool Bou (Spin)” because these cotton yarns are made from wool spinning machine. These yarns are as warm as wool containing a lot of air. The bumpy texture is such a charm making the fabric look more like a tweed once woven. Easy maintenance is another bonus. Washing will add more texture each time and you’ll enjoy it for a long time.

Product Number: 5128090

Origin Country: JAPAN

Size Chart (INCHES)

Size Shoulder Chest Length Sleeve Length Sleeve Width
3 19.50" 20" 24.50" 22.50" 10"


95% Cotton 5% Nylon

model height 5'7" wear size 2