T-shirts, denim pants and bandanas make 45R’s trinity.
Bandanas to us are just as important as T-shirts and denim pants.

Bandanas have unlimited usage; wrapping head and wrist, using it as a belt, wrapping your lunch or simply using it as a handkerchief.
The concept of it seems similar to that of Japanese Tenugui which has been used as a tool in daily living and becomes easier to handle with use.

A staple selvedge bandana is 55cm x 55cm square shape. There is a reason. Selvedge bandana fabric is 110cm wide. Cutting it in half makes the width 55cm. Since one edge is selvedge, only the other three edges need to be sewn to finish. People in old times were logical and produced no waste. Our bandana fabric is woven with selvedge machine with 110cm width. 

The three edges are triple-held very thin before being stitched straight. This triple-held edge is now only 1.5mm after many improvements to have thinner and finer edges. This was made possible by years of experience and skills. 

The patterns on bandanas are of course hand drawn, including fine dots, paisley and everything else. 45R’s one and only painter makes the arts. Those patterns are then dyed by hand using silk screen printing. Dye is applied on the back as well and the patterns are dyed in the same way as the front. This proves our belief of “Back is the face”.  Indigo is essential in our bandana making. 45R’s bandanas are original and can be made only by us who own the recipes for 33 many different shades of indigo. Yarn is dyed in indigo that matches the season and the theme. It is then woven into fabric. A patten is made by discarding indigo which is opposite process from adding dye to fabric by hands. We discharge the shade at different levels to create brilliant pattern.

We use a variety of fabric for bandanas. Gauze bandana is perfect for wrapping around neck in summer time because it feels and looks cooling.
Tenjiku bandana is soft and round looking cute. Sleek silk bandana is elegant and a touch sexy. There are linen, Indian Khadi, flannel for fall/winter and more. We have a selection for you to choose your favorite according to TPO.

We were able to make this wide range of bandana selections because we have taken bandanas seriously as a part of 45R’s trinity and also we have been challenging ourselves to make “one and only”.
Nothing we mentioned could have been done over night. Many years of collecting wisdom helped us reach where we are. We will continue pursuing unlimited possibilities of bandanas.